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Trail Cam Radio

Oct 26, 2021

Want to learn what bucks do this time of year? Listen as Cameron interviews Steve Sherk Jr. about his late Oct and early Nov strategies. 

Steve runs a ton of trail cameras throughout PA and is a wealth of knowledge for maximizing the most out of your season. 


Oct 19, 2021

Listen up! In this episode, we talk with Clint from Truth From the Stand Podcast. Chad and Clint talk about pre-rut, trail camera strategy, and much more. 



Oct 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to hunt scrapes with more efficiency? Listen to public land veteran Ryan Glitzky break down his hunting tactics for hunting scrapes and the rut! 



Oct 5, 2021

Ever wondered what it's like to share a camp with big buck killers like Dan Infalt and the Beast Crew? In this episode, Chad and Cameron share their hunt within Wisconsin. 

- Sharing a camp with Dan Infalt
- The struggles of learning new terrain in 4 days
- Letting the deer tell you where they are
- Identifying “hot...

Sep 28, 2021

In this week's episode, we're sharing a conversation from a couple of podcasts we have done with Don Higgins from @Chasing Giants with Higgins Outdoors and Greg Clements and Aaron Warbritton From @The Hunting Public where we discussed long term trail camera strategies for collecting annual data. Be sure to tune in for...